Chato Lufsen privacy and data protection policies

Chato Lufsen undertakes to adopt a privacy and data protection policy to protect the confidentiality of personal information obtained through its digital channels (website and email).

Chato Lufsen reserves the right to modify the Privacy and Data Protection Policy below to adapt it to the new legislative, jurisprudential and / or technical requirements, as well as to all the requirements that allow it to provide better services. services and content, which suggests revising the rules, periodically.

This statement represents Chato Lufsen's privacy and data protection policy and describes the practices that Chato Lufsen maintains for all visitors to our site as well as any digital tools.

Personal information

Chato Lufsen collects certain personal information from users who access our website or subscribe to the newsletter. Chato Lufsen uses this information internally (to make sales invoices to our consumers, send updates of new services, news and events of interest). In this regard, it is stated that:

• The marital status, surname and first names, telephone, mailing address and email are an example of information that Chato Lufsen can obtain from consumers,

• The information that Chato Lufsen obtains from its customers is strictly confidential.

• Chato Lufsen employees will be able to use the confidential information of the customers exclusively during the performance of the usual tasks of the company, being prohibited from using it outside the scope of the work or for purposes other than those necessary for its execution.

• Any documentation containing confidential information of a customer, whatever the medium (physical, magnetic or digital), must be treated with care and diligence.

• It is strictly forbidden to give access to customer information to third parties outside the company, with the sole exception of requests made by a competent parliamentary, administrative or judicial authority. Under no circumstances may information be given to a person related to another person who does not belong to your family group.

• In the case where a client requests confidential information, the identity of the requesting party must be verified beforehand, requesting that he present an ID with your name, address, composition of the family group and any other matter deemed necessary by the staff to verify your identity.

Under 18 years old

Under 18 years old can use the company's digital tools if they are under the supervision of an adult, but we consider that anyone who records and uses this site is at least 18 years old. Chato Lufsen uses profile information from the registration form to create content, products and personalized advertising on Chato Lufsen's website.

Chato Lufsen can study your activity on the site, follow with precision your account and offer you Chato Lufsen products that match your interests.

Chato Lufsen can collect data globally to better understand the users who visit our site. For example, reports on the most common search terms can be generated by collecting general data from search terms based on individual searches. The global data is anonymous and contains no personal information identifying the user.

Not receiving the e-mail option

Chato Lufsen offers its users the option of not allowing the sending of emails related to promotions, sweepstakes and events. In case you do not wish to receive this news, you must reply to the email on the screen of "unsubscribe from this list".


Chato Lufsen has various operational functions to protect the confidentiality of personal data. However, perfect Internet security does not exist and Chato Lufsen does not guarantee that its site is impenetrable or invulnerable to hackers.


Chato Lufsen does not give up email address lists. If Chato Lufsen is required to send a note by email to inform about the billing status, it will be sent to the email address provided by the customer.


Participation in surveys on the Chato Lufsen website is entirely voluntary, therefore the user can reveal personal information or not. Chato Lufsen can request contact information and demographic information. The information contained in the surveys will be used to monitor or improve the products, advertising and use of the Chato Lufsen website.


It should be kept in mind that the Chato Lufsen website may contain links to other sites where its own privacy policies apply. Chato Lufsen is not responsible for the privacy practices of these sites and we ask our users to consider them when leaving our site. We recommend that our users read the privacy statements of each of the websites that collect personally identifiable information.

If you have any questions about the Chato Lufsen Privacy and Data Protection Policy or if you are concerned about the personal information you have provided, you can write to us by clicking on Contact Us on the website or call us at the